Notarial services

Kinley Legal is able to provide a range of notarial certification and other services in the Isle of Man. The primary role of the Notary Public is to certify documents for use outside the Isle of Man, in order to verify or prove their authenticity for the purposes of foreign courts, registries, public authorities or other notaries. We certify documents for use in all jurisdictions.

In addition to our notarial services, we are able to provide the services of a Commissioner for Oaths, for instance, for the completion of certain legal formalities for documents for use in the Isle of Man courts, such as the witnessing of oaths to affidavits and statutory declarations in terms of the Evidence Act 1871.

Our notarial and certification practice includes:

  • officially witnessing the execution by parties in the Isle of Man of important foreign legal documents transferring property rights such as registration of trademarks and patents, bills of sale, assignments and cessions, mortgages and conveyances;
  • verifying and certifying the identity of the Isle of Man parties to international transactions;
  • administering oaths and statutory declarations (including oaths to affidavits providing evidence for foreign court proceedings);
  • preparing and witnessing notarised powers of attorney and other specialised legal documentation, often in bilingual form;
  • officially certifying translations between English and any other language;
  • noting or protesting foreign negotiable instruments such as cheques, bills of exchange and promissory notes;
  • producing notarial acts in public form, where required for the purposes of civil law jurisdictions; and
  • working with foreign notaries, property and probate lawyers, accountants and tax advisers in relation to the winding up of foreign estates.

Only a person licensed as a Notary Public under the Advocates Act 1995 or admitted as a Commissioner for Oaths under the Commissioners for Oaths Act 1962 (as applicable) may provide these services in the Isle of Man.

As an additional service, we can arrange for the formal authentication of any document notarised by us or issued by a public official in the Isle of Man, in order to ensure that it is recognised as valid in the destination jurisdiction. Through the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man is a party to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents, meaning that in most cases authentication will simply involve obtaining an apostille certifying that the document has been certified by our Notary Public as an Isle of Man public official. In more complex cases, where the destination jurisdiction is not party to the Hague Convention (as is the case with Canada, China, Brazil or most Middle Eastern, African and South-East Asian countries), we can liaise with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and foreign consular missions to arrange legalisation of the document for use in the relevant jurisdiction.

Kinley Legal’s notarial and certification service differs from that offered by other firms in that we have greater experience of the requirements of civil law jurisdictions and knowledge of foreign languages. Translations involving Russian, French and Ukrainian will typically be dealt with in-house and certified directly by the notary, while in the case of other languages we will certify the identity of an independent translator verified by us.

Our notarial services are complemented by our aviation, space and shipping and international probate expertise, in which areas they are particularly valuable.

We are happy to attend clients’ offices and homes anywhere in the Isle of Man, in addition to at our Douglas offices, for the purposes of notarial certification.

For more information on the notarial and certification services offered by Kinley Legal, please contact Christopher Kinley, or if you would prefer for us to call you, please complete our simple contact form.

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